Removable covers

Make new from old:

You don't like your old beanbag motif anymore? Don't panic! You can simply change the cover in a few easy steps. And so you have an "almost" new beanbag that can adapt to your mood at any time.

A little mishap?

Because the covers of our products are changeable, it is of course also possible to clean them easily if they have become dirty or have been stained.

Cover machine washable
Do not spin
Do not tumble dry
Do not iron
Do not chlorinate
Do not dry clean

Cover change beanbag


Cover change seat cube

If you want to turn the design of your lounger upside down, start by turning your lounger upside down!

Step 1

The casings of the seat cubes are also very easy to change. By the way, the cores of the cubes always fit into the X-models of the same size



Open the super strong Velcro fastener. Attention, this requires some strength.

Step 2

Turn the cube upside down and you will find a velcro strip on the bottom on 3 edges.


In the 4 corners of the cover you will find the straps that attach the inner bag. First untie the knots on the right and left of the Velcro.

Step 3

Open the Velcro all around. Attention, one side is firmly sewn and has no velcro.


Now you can pull out the inner bag. When it is pulled out far enough, you can also untie the remaining two knots in the corners.
Your lounger is now naked.

Step 4

Now slowly remove the foam cube from the shell. It is best to try to pull on the casing so that the core is not damaged.


To get the inner bag into the new cover, we recommend that you first tie the 2 lower corners back into the cover. Then pull the cover over the inner bag little by little and press the filling lightly with it.
A little shaking usually helps wonders!

Step 5

Voila! Now you have the single foam core which you can also use with the X-models of the same size (e.g. Cube 45x2).


After you have tied the last two knots tightly again and the inner bag sits neatly in the cover, close the Velcro and press it firmly together once more.


Step 6

Pull your new cover over the core. Make sure that the 4 edges sit neatly on the foam, then the cube looks best. Then close the 3 Velcro edges and turn the cube the right way round again.


That's it. The covers of the beanbags can be changed so quickly and easily.


This is how easy it is to change the seat cube covers!


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