Seat bench Cube 60x2 printed

Make yourself wide!

The Cube 60x2 has a seat area of 116 x 58 x 40 cm and consists of two high-quality, very stable foam cores. The stylish exterior is provided by the easily removable and exchangeable cover, which we print for you as you wish.

Lightfast, washable, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the Cube offers you all the possibilities for an eye-catching presentation of your message. And your guests will have plenty of space to rest.


Size ca. 116 x 58 x 40 cm
Weight ca. 8,5 kg
Cover ECOtent by my-lounge 40% REPREVE® recycled fibres 60% polyester, 250 g/m²
Quality Öko-Tex und B1 zertifiziert
Print 4C dye-sublimation printing full-surface
5 sides: 4C dye-sublimation printing
Bottom: Black
Core 2 high-quality foam cores with Oeko Tex certification
. Compression hardness: approx. 70
Volume weight: approx. 28 kg/m3
Templates with 5-sided print

Flame retardant (B1)

Please send us a request if you need certificates for our products.

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Bedruckte Premium Werbeprodukte made in Germany
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Frequently asked questions

What does dye-sublimation printing mean?

We use dye-sublimation printing for the full-surface printing of our beanbags and lounge furniture.

Your design is first applied to a transfer foil and then vapourised into the textile under pressure and heat. The result is a colour-intensive image that does not stand out noticeably. The print is a guarantee for very high durability even in sunlight. In addition, colour fading or bleeding of the designs is impossible.

Which textile is used?

Our furniture covers are made of our ECOtent by my-lounge 40% REPREVE® recycled fibres 60% polyester, 250 g/m².


The textile with 250 g/m feels pleasantly soft and yet is extremely robust. The "lotus effect" prevents liquids from penetrating and lets them simply roll off. The UV resistance protects against fading in the sun. Your furniture is therefore ideally suited for outdoor use. All covers are flame retardant (B1) and have Ökotex.

How do I care for my products properly?

You can simply wipe off light dirt with a damp cloth


If this is not enough, you can machine clean all the furniture covers, as the cover is easily removable thanks to the separate inner bag. When washing, use a gentle wash programme at 30°. With repeated washing, the covers lose their water-repellent coating. Your laundry can restore the protection by impregnating them. Please wash only the furniture covers alone.

Which filling is used?

Expanded polystyrene better known as Styrofoam is now called airpop®.

We use aipop® to fill our beanbags. The beads hug the body's silhouette and offer first-class seating comfort. airpop® is environmentally friendly and can be recycled seven times. The material is harmless and is also used in the production of food packaging. airpop® is free of the banned flame retardant hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD).

What is PUR foam?

The cores of our seating cubes are made of PUR foam.

We use a foam with a density of 28 kg/m³ and a compression hardness of level 70. This mixture offers you good stability and high seating comfort. Even after long periods of stress, the cube core returns to its original shape. PUR foam is dust-free and toxicologically completely harmless.

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