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The die is cast:
The approximately 0.9 kg light Cube 30 is a flexible operating stool with an edge length of approx 30 cm. Printable 4c on all 6 sides - so your advertising message will get seen from anywhere.

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Does what it promises !

Only where it says Made in Germany , also Made in Germany 's inside :
Our products are made exclusively with high quality materials in Germany, durable and suitable for indoor or outdoor. This is lifestyle in top quality.

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Sits and fits - anywhere!

Welcome to the land of seating! Thanks to the changeable covers in different sizes, you can easily combine individual cubes into larger benches. Or make benches into individual stools.

Stool - Cube 30

6 pages - and one more beautiful than the other: 30 x 30 x 30 cm seat has the Cube 30 and is printed individually all around. Its durable cover can be removed easily from the foam core and can be washed at 30 degrees. Or you just swap out to a different cover - so the Cube 30 is styled for every occasion appropriately. More flexible does not go!


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