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Quiet pushing on the back burner:
As large as 2 x 60 cube next to each other, this bench is ideal for large chilling and offers plenty of space for your custom print.

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Does what it promises !

Only where it says Made in Germany , also Made in Germany 's inside :
Our products are made exclusively with high quality materials in Germany, durable and suitable for indoor or outdoor. This is lifestyle in top quality.

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Sits and fits - anywhere!

Welcome to the land of seating ! Thanks to the changeable covers in different sizes, you can easily combine individual cubes into larger benches . Or benches into individual stools.

Bench - Bench 60²

Always look on the wide side of life: The Bench series is modular and can be combined as you desire, thanks to different sized covers and cubes. Bench 60² is as wide as two 60 Cube next to each other and provides ample space for three people on120 cm x 60 cm x 40 cm individual advertising space.


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